The only Pants that Never go out of style: Chinos – Minus One

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The only Pants that Never go out of style: Chinos Minus One

The only Pants that Never go out of style: Chinos


Chinos are the pants that every guy should own. Trendy, versatile, comfortable and sweat-free all in one. It can be dressed as semi-formal, formal, or casual outfits to get a stylish and elegant look. All types of clothes go with chinos, and that's what makes them so unique! 

This is an all-rounder for your wardrobe and maybe your everyday saviour. The only challenge is to find your perfect fit and style them up. So, don’t worry we got you covered. Here is the style guide on how to wear chinos in style!

With polo t-shirt

Get a classy and sporty look by styling your chinos with a neat polo shirt. Tuck them in and accessorize them with a matching belt to have a fantastic look. You can leave them untucked for a more casual look and pair them with sports shoes. 

With a printed t-shirt

Want an easy peasy look? Just pair the day-long chinos with a basic round-neck t-shirt for effortless styling. Throw in sneakers for a ready to go attire. To have a little dressier look, add a denim jacket and accessories with a watch, and voila, you're good to go!

With a button-up shirt.

Probably the easiest way to achieve a classy formal look is to pair a regular fit chinos with a  button-up long sleeve shirt. Match with a metal belt watch and formal shoes for a perfect style. 

And for an informal setting, get the tucks out, let loose a few buttons, and put on some sneakers to have a whole new look.   

With a blazer.

Blazer and chinos are like bread and butter. They look incomplete without each other. Adding a blazer will just levitate your look with the previous formal attires. It is very appropriate for business meetings. And if you aren't a fan of the business standard you can quickly transform any of the above casual looks into business casual with just one item. A blazer!

With a Sweater 

Who doesn't like winters? Even if it's cold outside, you still want to put up your A-game in styling yourself. Pair up your regular fit chino with a body-hugging sweater, put on those sneakers, and give a style statement! 

With a turtleneck.

Turtle necks have some charm and pairing them with chinos increases it a hundred fold. Pair the slim-fit chinos with a turtleneck without hesitation, and add a blazer or jacket for the extra marks.

With an overcoat

Overcoats never go out of style, and with any of the above looks, it wouldn't be wrong to match it up with an overcoat! Stay warm and stay in style.

Try to add colours and consider lighter shades of blue, chestnut, and burgundy to expand your Chinos collection. Minus one has a perfect pair of chinos for every individual! Go check out the website for amazing offers. 

Ps: don't forget to throw on some sunglasses, and a wristwatch, and carry a handkerchief with most of these fits.

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