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Chinos for every occasion: 5 ways to style it up Minus One

Chinos for every occasion: 5 ways to style it up


How often do you find yourself in a situation where you don't want to dress too casually or too formally? And are not able to decide what to wear on certain occasions. Yeah, we understand the struggle and to make you at ease here we present 5 ways to style the chinos pants for different occasions.  

In the era we live in, our wardrobe reflects our personality heavily. Owning a pair of denim jeans is just not enough. So while building your wardrobe, consider chino as a vital part of your style. Minus one lifestyle is the best destination to get premium quality chinos for men. Choose from a wide variety of skinny fit chinos, slim fit chinos, and regular fit chinos for every mood of yours. An extensive range of colours and cotton blends for any body type is available for men.

Office Casual

To give a semi-formal or formal but stylish touch to your outfit on office day, all you need to do is roll up the hem! Dark blue chinos paired with a plain pink shirt will give an effortlessly sophisticated look. Even if you want to go out to have drinks with your colleagues after work, the outfit is flawless!

Meeting attire 


Pair a black chino with a shirt and add a blazer for business meetings, that will give your look an edge. A pair of black chinos should never be paired up with anything brown. It is one of the worst combination mistakes a man can make, but sadly, many do.

The most ideal outfit for meetings and other formal gatherings is the Minus Ones’ knight navy chinos paired up with any light shaded colour will give it an exquisite look. The classic Black and grey combination will bring perfection and crispiness to your look.

Try out regular-fit pants for more formal occasions, ensuring it doesn't bunch and sit perfectly around the skin.

Dressy Casual

Whether it is a family get-together, barbecue, or birthday party. Pull up the chino pants and a shirt with leather loafer, oxfords, or slip-on shoes and add a sports coat. Carry yourself smoothly to brunches or dinners.

If you're heading to a fancy restaurant, you might want to up the game by wearing shirts of primary colours like yellow, green or red with black day long chinos. You can try another look with khakis chinos and a button-down shirt, a polo shirt, or a sweater. That gives an elegant look and is comfortable at the same time

First date look

Choose rich colours and pair them with a button-up shirt over a t-shirt. Another understandable look is a lovely nude colour t-shirt and olive green chinos. Try Minus One martian garden chinos. Make an upstanding impression on your date! For a night-time date planned, throw in a jacket or sweater for extra warmth.

Religious Ceremonies 

Pair an all-way stretch chino with a plain or embroider kurta. Play around with colours. It is important to not wear anything too serious. Go with the colours of the festivity! Minus one lifestyle's magnificent collection of chinos allows you to explore your options and look tasteful on every occasion! Check out their collection on

Just as the saying goes -" Fashion is like eating. You should not stick to the same menu ".

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