Cool summer beach outfits for men – Minus One

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Cool summer beach outfits for men Minus One

Cool summer beach outfits for men


Cool summer beach outfits for men




It’s been two long years of spending our vacations at home. All this time, we have planned and cancelled our beach trip uncountable times. But this time, make sure you should and must execute it. God’s sake who knows what world awaits you next.

One thing is for sure – it’s never too early to get your outfits ready. Even if it’s a short trip fashion game has to be OP. Beach is so Instagrammable that a bad outfit will look like a spoiled rice dish and who wants that. Maybe you’ll run into some famous celebrities at the beaches, so here are a few ideas that will make you look ever ready.

Boho shirt and shorts

This is the go-to look for beach outings and the best part is everyone can pull off this look. Get a plain or printed boho shirt paired up with cotton shorts. Don’t wear jeans shorts, remember beaches have extremely hot weather. You can also get linen shorts as linen is a great fabric for staying and looking, cool. At the very least, a linen scarf wrapped loosely around your neck will help with sun protection.


Chinos and tank tops


This combination might make you scratch your head, but trust me it is one of the comfiest plus classy outfits. Chino pants are perfect for summer as they are made up of 100% cotton. Cotton fabric is sweat absorbent and does not makes your skin itchy. Tank tops are perfect for beach attires. Mid-colour chinos will pair nicely with light colour tanks. Look classy at comfort.

Button-down shirt and Pajama pants

It’s BEACH, don’t worry if you think people will judge you for wearing odd outfits. Pajama pants are bliss, they look semi-formal but are super light and airy. Pair it up with a beige coloured button-down shirt and voilà - the perfect beach outfit.  

Printed shirts


Beaches are usually filled with colours, drinks and clubs. Carry a pair of 2-3 printed shirts and pair it up with any bottom-wear. This piece of clothing is very versatile, it is perfect for every occasion and place. If in baffled about what to wear pick out a printed shirt and your dilemma is solved.

Whether it is a sunset stroll at the beach or a night party, being picture ready never hurts. A few general tips might help you nail your every look. Carry a flip-flop, a pair of sexy sunglasses and don’t forget the hat.

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