It all started with an idea!

Once, we got an idea that redefined our approach to fashion. Why should it be all about style, and not about ease?

So how did we put this idea into action?

We came up with the magical Autofit Technology. Now you can wear your chino without worrying about how it will fit your varying waistline. Whether you shred an extra pound or gain some, our products are designed to fit you effortlessly. You’ll feel so comfortable in our chinos that you might even forget you are wearing one.

Here’s why we deserve a place in your wardrobe

Daylong comfort

Our products are comfortable and versatile enough for you to wear for work, play, and everyday adventures.

Mood-enhancing colours

Never miss a chance to flex your playful side with our 19+ stunning colour options.

Premium Fabric

We source fabrics from India's leading producers and offer top-notch quality fabrics with the softest hand-feel.

Ridiculously flexible

Enjoy a comfortable and seamless wearing experience with pants utilising the Autofit Technology and stretchable cotton fabrics.

Made to last

It's easy to create a minimal yet versatile wardrobe with our chinos, which are 63% more durable than your average trousers.

We are unique because
of our values!

Caring for
the planet

We focus on the way we design, produce, pack, and deliver our products to make you feel positive about the choices you make when you buy from us. Therefore, we emphasise on longevity and reusability - in both our products and our packaging. Using only eco-friendly packaging materials, reutilizing all wastewater during the production process and aiming to reduce garment wastage - are just some ways we ensure a healthier Earth.

Giving back
to the community

Minus 1 focuses on creating a sustainable, circular economy where every stakeholder has a special place. To support our major supplier, i.e. Vidarbha Cotton farmers, we provide Rs. 25 from every unit sold by Minus 1, to support their farming equipment needs.

Truly and proudly
made in India

Being a truly Indian brand that sources its raw materials from India as well as empowers everyone involved in the process is a source of great pride for us. Our Indianness is apparent across all of our products and their packaging, not just in words.

Innovation is our
driving force

Innovation has always been our guiding principle in our quest to transform fashion and lifestyle. Through the latest innovations and technological advancements, we can offer you an unsurpassed finish and durability on our most premium products. Ultimately, flexing your style without giving up your comfort is what makes the cut. And that's why you’ll love Minus One.

Ultimately, flexing your style without giving up your comfort is what makes the cut. And that's why you’ll love Minus One.