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How To Build A Man's Wardrobe

How to build a Man’s wardrobe

It's a date night, you want to look your best, of course! You open your wardrobe, take a look from top to bottom, left to right, and a wave of panic runs down your spine when you realize you do not have anything outstanding to wear. You realise your clothes have started to look outdated. And come on, you cannot deny the fact that men at times feel the need to own more clothes. 

Your style defines you in more than one way. When you come to think of it; it tells your story and reflects your personality, does it not? It is okay, do not be petrified, it all can sound hectic, but here we are! To make it fun for you. We will cover everything you need to look splendid daily. 

And yet we have seen men struggle with the question of where to even start from. Take a deep breath, and let us help you improve your wardrobe!


It's elementary to choose the right pair of shoes for a particular outfit. A white sneaker, something that will never go out of style. As you're wearing it to death, remember to buy a perfect fit, comfortable, and budget-friendly. A leather or faux shoe for formal occasions will definitely do. Brown brogues and black lace-ups are good to put up five stars in your collection.



Denim is all nice and relaxed; you must be owning a couple of them at least by now. What is game-changing - CHINO.

If you are looking for a keeper in your wardrobe, Minus One's chinos are the winner. Their unique ability to go with all types of clothing and their versatility to be proper for any occasion is unmatched. It goes with all types of formals or informals. If you want to invest somewhere, this is it. Get skinny, pant style, or slim-fit chinos, play around with your colour palette and choose from a wide range of Minus One chinos! Here you can go for some basic black, blue, and khaki, and you can keep widening your options. 

T-shirts/ Shirts 

Here, the secret is fit. Always. Find your fit before anything else.

The following essential thing here is to pick your colour. Start with a neutral colour palette: white, navy, black or grey. Then maybe you can go into accent colours like Magenta. You can always play around with colours a little if you're brave enough! Of course, there are Blazers, sweaters, and overcoats according to occasion and season.   


Yes! You heard us, accessories aren't just for women! Give yourself an edge and add accessories to your outfit. Get a great pair of classic shades and ties, throw in some tie clips, watch, pocket square, anything according to your taste, and out for the occasion! To add premium bottom wear you know the one-stop Voila, your wardrobe is more than ready to go.