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Fashion peccadilloes never go unnoticed; that's the sole true dictum of fashion. Mismatched socks, a shirt not tucked in properly, and even the scale of the buttons on your shirt draw attention. 

1- Not knowing a way to Mix-And-Match: 

There was a time when this trend was confined to women’s clothing until ace brand Hugo Boss introduced it to men. It became one of the favourites because this trend cuts expenses and reduces wardrobe clutter. So buy interchangeable clothes which can be differently assembled to make a brand new look. For example: Get a pair of daylong chinos that are versatile and can go with all kinds of top-wear. That’s called a smart way out.  It’s not that difficult if one contains a few “wardrobe essentials”, which are basically classic pieces of clothing that complement everything like a knight blue minus one daylong chino, a crisp white shirt or a silver-grey tie.

2-Not Having “Saviour” Outfits: 

In fashion terminology, a “saviour” outfit is that dapper apparel (from blazer to shoes) that has to be kept ready to the slightest degree. This outfit quite literally saves someone just in case there’s a last-minute invitation or an unscheduled date. Without this, one may need serious trouble in fashion emergencies. 

3-Messy Knots and Folds: 

Pocket squares spell class. The only thing is, folding one could be a difficult art and most men mess it up without even realising it. The identical holds true for ties. As a statutory suggestion, before wearing one, learn the classic folds of pocket squares (like the “bird of paradise” fold or “armadillo” fold) and knots of ties (“Trinity” or “Windsor” knot). And always coordinate them if you’re wearing both.

4-Strong Fragrance: 

It is not just cologne which might be dangerous when overused. Actually, everything from body wash to aftershave can carry strong odours. Greeting, particularly hugging an individual with an overwhelming smell will be a nightmare. To avoid being that nightmare, attempt to use the aftershave hours before the event. Try using body washes with a really subtle fragrance. Remember, any perfume sprayed quite twice is just too much.

5-Storing Multiple Shoes in a Very Small Space: 

Feet sweat is quite the other part of your body, and shoes retain that moisture. The worst part of moisture is the nemesis of shoes. To shield shoes, give them space and pick the driest place to store them. Put paper balls that absorb moisture in sneakers and boat shoes. Paper balls also help retain their original shape.

In the epilogue, shoes leave an indelible impact on the onlooker. 

These lists of mistakes are something that should not be ever done and must always be kept in mind by a man while styling himself. Also, for your saviour outfit buy the premium quality chinos from