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It’s time to wear those breezy outfits and slip into the summer. Pull out your most comfiest and airy clothes which means, it’s CHINO TIME. Jeans are your favourite, we get it, but unfortunately, they can’t be worn for all occasions. Also, they are not summer-friendly. If you are looking for a sign, here it is, switch from jeans to chinos right away. If you are confused about how to style it up then drop your worries in the bin, we are here to work it out for you. Note down these 4 points to keep in mind while styling chinos.


It's no secret that men's bottom wears are dictated by time and place. Chinos, on the other hand, are so versatile that they can be worn to almost any occasion. Wear chinos with a round-neck t-shirt for a semi-formal look. Wear light-coloured chinos with a polo neck for a business-casual look. If you want a formal look, pair your black chinos with a black blazer. Chinos, as you can see, are the ultimate versatile option.


Gone are the days when chinos were associated with Khakis and straight-legged. Today, they are available in all sizes and fits. If you want to have a look which makes you seem taller go with slim-fit chinos. They have a lengthening effect on the legs adding extra height and it ends at your ankle. If you are planning a day out, go with flat or straight-fit chinos. They give a sleek and classy look with airy space. They are a bit wider in the frame than slim-fit chinos.


Isn’t it exhausting to choose footwear that goes with your outfit? What if we give you the unembellished truth. Well, so here it is. If you are pairing up your chinos with a blazer, wear those polished black boots. If you are pairing up your chinos with a printed shirt then go with loafers. In short, categorisE the outfits and then put on those shoes.


Planning for a trendy look, just fold your chinos up. Make one and a half rollS. It will make you look as a part of the trend and add coolness to your outfit. Don’t worry about the length, adjust the fold according to your preference. By widening the fold it might make you look a bit taller. So now you know, that folds have to be done well.

We hope we’ve covered the most important styling chino tips, now you can go and flaunt your style out in the world without any second thoughts. In case you are looking for the perfect chinos you can visit as they have a full chino collection range with 16 different and unique colours. 

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