3 Key Points to keep in mind while selecting the right pants. – Minus One

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3 Key Points to keep in mind while selecting the right pants. Minus One

3 Key Points to keep in mind while selecting the right pants.

Pants are pretty much a wardrobe staple so getting the right ones can be the cherry on the cake. Perhaps you are looking for “That’s the One” pants. It can be really difficult to choose out of many options and don’t have a guidebook for the same. Well, we can solve your dilemma. We have sorted and simplified three easy steps to keep in mind while selecting the perfect pants.


Fabrics can make a huge difference so, selecting the perfect one is crucial. There are innumerable fabrics used for pants like cotton, polyester, linen, khadi, Rayon, etc. Select a cloth that is breathable, light-weight, and can absorb sweat. For example - Organic Cotton Chinos. Make sure to check the stretch-ability of the fabric. Basically, there are two variants of the stretch, Two-way stretch, and Four-way stretch or All-way stretch. Two-way fabric can stretch in one direction whereas four-way can stretch in all directions. Go for the fabric which won’t irritate you in the summers. For example, Minus1 cotton Chino pants go hand in hand with Indian tropical weather as it helps in wicking away your sweat with ease. 


Size is of more importance because even if the fabric is rich, unfit pants won’t look good on you. Figuring out the perfect size can be a task as the size which fits you best may not be the same for all brands. Make sure the pants fits you around the waist without a belt. It may vary with the style of pants. For example, the size of straight-fit pants might be different from low waist pants. Know your size well before spending on it. Minus1 odd size chart and inserted elasticated waistband will fit you perfectly.


It can be a subjective point as everyone has their preferences, but keep in mind to get a colour that can go with your owned shirts, t-shirts, and blazers. Weather is one of the factors that should be kept in mind. In summers go with a light or beige colour, in the rainy try out moderate colours like deep blue. Don’t stick to regular blacks and whites, try to add colours to your wardrobe. Get brown or olive green pants if you feel confident wearing them. You can go with a colour that is in trend. Don’t stress about whether the colour would look good on you or not, as most colours look fine on anyone.  

Pants should fit you snugly and comfortably as if it's your second skin. Finding the right one can be a task. But once you know your fit, life becomes easier. Try out trendy men’s chinos that can be perfect for your insta posts. Try to keep the above points in mind while shopping, and voila your search for 'THE ONE' might end.