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Up Your Style Game- 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Shorts

Up Your Style Game- 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Shorts

While shopping for a guy, have you ever wondered what makes one pair of shorts better than another? Why do seemingly similar-looking shorts give a different overall impression? Is it because of the fabric, the brand, or maybe something else?

Several factors define how a pair of shorts will impact your style game, making each suitable for different occasions. Let’s delve into the top five considerations to help you choose the perfect shorts for men.

  • The kind of fabric

The fabric has an inexplicable ability to influence the character of shorts. Among the plenty of fabric options out there, cotton stands out remarkably for its softness and coolness. Cotton shorts will ensure excellent breathability, especially in hot summers and will be perfect for a casual look. It will be a fantastic choice to add charm and flair even for outdoor activities or your routinely workouts. The better the quality of the fabric, the better it feels on your skin while ensuring a longer fabric life.

  • The right size and fit

The fit of your shorts can make or break your entire outfit. Achieve the perfect fit by avoiding overly baggy or excessively tight shorts. The best shorts for men will have a tailored fit that skims the contours of your body without restricting your movements. When it comes to length, the one that ends just above the knee is considered to be the most ideal; it gives a very flattering look. A good fit will enhance your appearance and confidence.

  • The type of occasion

With so much creativity, designers have come up with fantastic ideas that make a pair of shorts for men appropriate for a given occasion. For example, while dressing for a laid-back weekend or beach trip, cargo shorts paired with a simple t-shirt or polo shirt will provide you with all the photogenic feels. Contrarily, for a sophisticated or semi-formal look, neutral tones like navy or beige with a crisp button-down shirt will give a more refined look.

  • The intricacy of details

Yes, even a pair of shorts for guys can come with distinguishing details that can turn it from basic apparel to a standout piece. The kind of pockets, closures, prints, patterns, etc., can elevate the overall panache of your shorts. Go with the trending minimalist designs with discreet pockets for sophistication. On the other hand, you can get a pair with cargo pockets and elastic waistband for a casual yet functional touch while on an outdoor adventure.

  • The scope of versatility

Lastly, the best shorts for men could be the ones that are worth the price tag and serve several purposes. If you like to pack one or two outfits for an entire trip, you might want to buy a pair that goes with different colours of t-shirts and shirts. Instead of going with vibrant colours, you can then go with neutral tones that mix and match well with every other part of your outfit, including sneakers and Crocs. Prioritise versatility for a well-rounded wardrobe.

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