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How To Style Men's Shorts For Different Occasions

How To Style Men's Shorts For Different Occasions

Shorts are one of the main wardrobe staples for men for n number of reasons like comfort, style, versatility, and more. Whether you have decided to spend the day relaxing on your couch, have a pool party on your calendar, or packing for a beach holiday, a pair of shorts for men will be an unsaid inclusion. These types of lowers are designed indeed for simplicity and comfort. But, does that mean there is no style element? Well, certainly not! With the amazing fashion tips, you can strike the perfect balance between ease and elegance even with a pair of shorts. 

Here are a few ways in which you can style men’s shorts easily and amazingly for different occasions.

Casual day-out or day ins

In the summer, nothing feels better, cooler, and comforter than a pair of shorts. It does not matter what colour it is, you can always add some style to it with the following pairings.

  • Upper Apparel- When you
  • buy shorts for men,
  • it becomes obvious to wear them with the t-shirt of your type. For casual outings, you can go ahead with a crewneck or collared and well-fitted or one size plus t-shirt. Plain shorts look fab with both solid colours and subtle patterns. Switch between tucking the t-shirt in or out for a different look
    • Footwear- You will have a sea of choices when it comes to pairing footwear with this look. Some of the go-to picks for men are crocs, sliders, sneakers, canvas shoes, boat shoes, and many more. A key suggestion here would be to wear the footwear that serves your specific purpose if any like jogging or running errands.

    Beach vacation or outdoor adventure

    Shorts are like the official clothes to be worn while heading to a beach anywhere. Even other outdoor events like pool parties, barbeque nights,  trail trekking, rock climbing, etc. are best done in shorts for men.

    • Upper Apparel- There is something so compelling about half-sleeve shirts in vibrant colours and playful prints on a beach day. You can also stick to soft tones like beige and white for a cooler appearance at any outdoor event. Wearing a shirt with open buttons over a round neck t-shirt is a style statement in itself. Feel free to slip into a tank top on a hot day or for beachy vibes. 
    • Footwear- Yes, you will have the same choice of sneakers herein as well. But, how about taking another route to fashion and comfort by choosing footwear like loafers, espadrilles, or leather sandals? These seemingly small changes will give an extra oomph factor to your look while ensuring a comfortable time throughout.

    The charm of accessories! 

    When you buy shorts for men, also look around for accessories to take your style game to another level. Woven belts are trending these days while leather belts are forever favourites for added structure to your ensemble. Sunglasses and hats can also complement your outfit while also giving sun protection besides a touch of flair.
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