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Summer is all about day-out plans, vacations, and a chill mood for work. Chinos are no doubt Men’s best friends. They are so comfortable, daylong, stretchy, and stylish. Call it the perfect all-in-one combo. These pants are made for summer. Chinos are made of stretchy material and are quite good at observing sweat. If you could only own one pair of bottoms, chinos it is. 

From casual wear to business wear, summer style to winter style, weekdays to weekends, they are fit for it all. These versatile pants can be styled according to your mood, occasion, comfort, or place. Here are 3 ways you can style your chino pants.

  1. V- neck T-shirts and chinos

V- neck shirts are the signature style for summers. This season pair it up with your favourite chinos. Try out different colour combinations, for example, olive green chino pants with a white v- neck shirt or black chinos with a beige yellow v- neck shirt. Rock your look by adding bright colours to your wardrobe. The beauty of this attire is it will mingle the style and comfort seemingly.

  1. Polo T-shirts and chinos

A perfect Friday outfit, jump to the bowling alley directly from your office in chinos and a polo shirt. They go hand in hand. If you are someone who loves instant plans and is constantly moving from place to place, this is your attire. Polo neck shirts give the semi-formal look and are yet casual. Wear a plain black polo neck with light coloured chinos that will definitely make you the centre of attraction. 

In Image - Plain white polo shirt with minus one chinos 

  1. Plain shirt and chinos

If you plan to go to a picnic with your office pals, wear a bright colour shirt with your most comfortable chinos. Pairing up your chinos with a plain shirt will give you a sophisticated and simple look. A casual button-down pink shirt will look good with navy blue chinos. The leverage of summer styling is you can play with colours. Layering is another great way of styling this summer. Wear a light coloured round-neck t-shirt with a dark-toned shirt but don’t button it up. 

In Image - Plain shirt with Minus one Clouded AXE Chinos  

Fashion keeps on changing but style remains the same. This summer try some new and comfy looks. Get yourself a pair of chinos that look like they’d still be comfortable after wearing them for 12 hours.

Another way of styling it is to cuff your chinos from the bottom to give a more trendy look. They will stick to the place because of the thick, sturdy material. The best collection of chinos is at