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Your lifestyle, working culture, and body structure might have changed during the pandemic, but comfort should not. People usually think we either have to choose comfort over style or vice versa, but the truth is they don’t have to cancel each other out. 

So, let’s be honest: We all suffer when we are selecting our OOD. Things might get difficult now as the world is going back to its new normal. It might have the need to modify our closet. Don’t stress out, we are here to help you.

So here are five pieces of clothing a man must have to ease their everyday pain. A year where most of our meetings have been through webcams and comfy clothes is near to its end. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to your Pj’s.  

  1. CHINOS 

If you are planning to buy new bottoms, add Chinos right away to your cart. You can wear them with all kinds of jackets, shirts or a sweater and they’re often office-appropriate. Make sure to look at the fabric, it should be super stretchy and sweat absorbent. Select the one that goes all day long. Chinos will make you look classier in comfort. 


Men often forget or consider this as a third piece of clothing. The great thing about vests is that they cost a lot less than a suit and still give you a classy look. Also, it can be worn in a casual style. You can just pair it up with dark black chinos and blue loafers. Try to get a waistcoat in navy blue or black colour, cause it is easy to style. Whichever you choose, a waistcoat is just the right touch of style and comfort every man needs.


Invest a bit extra money in buying a good quality white button-up shirt, cause, as a matter of fact, it goes well with everything. Perfect for smart casual dress codes. You can pair them up with chinos, shorts, and jeans almost with every bottom in your wardrobe. Once you’ve nailed the white button-down, you can start adding other colours, like blue in your closet.


This item might surprise you a bit but trust us when we say it is one of the essentials. Basically, cufflinks help in tightening the shirts. Wearing a cufflink is considered pretentious. It gives a classy and stylish look if worn perfectly. 

  1. WATCH

There are limited accessories available for men in the market. Whereas, watches have been the classics for decades. It helps to keep a man punctual in style. Wearing a watch gives you a firm formal look. The kind of watch you wear says a lot about your personality, so be smart while purchasing one.

As the bottom line, you need to have the basics that pair well with a variety of dress codes and occasions. All these items listed above are super versatile and never go out of fashion. Also, you can style them with various other garments in your closet.